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Mississippi Queen/Circa Blue

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Footprints in a song/Circa Blue

Footprints in a Song

Dave Adkins/Chad Darou "A Few Old Memories"

Midnite Mountain music


Bell Buckle Records and Buckle Down Productions

Bell Buckle Records and productions had partnered up with Midnite Mountain Music.

Midnite Mountain Music is a new company and has been created almost  by accident. Mike Pokalsky has been helping various artists with their recording  projects as a labor of love and adventure, so for this upcoming year of 2019,  has decided that it is time to expand and build the company's roster. 

Mike Pokalsky

Mike Pokalsky collaborated with music industry veteran, Valerie Smith from Bell Buckle Records with the Chad Darou release, "Raising the Bar" and she continues to be a part of the marketing team. Midnite Mountain Music provides many services for artists. We finance the production of projects, can provide for both In-house and remote recording  with engineering, mixing, mastering,  and manufacturing of CD's done in-house.  We also  offer  strong  promotion, publicity, radio, and media  coordination. Arrangements can be different with each artist, but either way, we at Midnight Mountain Music give our very best and more.

Radio is Our Strenght

Midnite Mountain Music has enjoyed much success over the past year and will continue to  do so for many years. It’s our firm belief that if you provide the  artists the foundation and support to do what they love, amazing things  can happen.

Radio broadcasters have grown to love us because they know what we send them will  be great. 

The company  has a strong commitment to quality.  We strive for seasoned, outstanding artists, clever songwriting, thoughtful production, efficient recording,  organized promotion, and valuable relationships that add up to quality results.

Midnite Mountain Amphitheater

"If I build it.....they will come."

Midnite Mountain Music's founder, Mike Pokalsky is  in the final planning stages of a landscaped outdoor amphitheater that he will be building by himself with the help of a few friends.  He has most of the equipment needed to construct the project, but there is a great need for funds to cover the costs of rental equipment on an as needed basis and for landscape materials.

The scope of work includes excavating a hillside for terraces and low retaining walls and landscaping of the entire area preserving the breathtaking view of the Adirondack foothills from tree-top level. 

It will be the only such Bluegrass venue in the upper Adirondack region and will also be made available for use by community arts councils and charity organizations for concerts, workshops and other activities.

Raising the Bar

"Raising the Bar" Featuring Chad Darou

"Raising the Bar" is an album, produced by Cad Darou through Midnite Mountain Music  and Executive Producer "Midnite" Mike Pokalsky. The project, released by Bell Buckle Records, showcases a wide variety of all star musicians and vocalists. There are traditional songs with fresh sounds and original tunes that are cleverly arranged and recorded by dobroist Chad Darou.

Claire Lynch: Grammy-award winning artist, IBMA "Female Vocalist of the Year"

"Chad  Darou joins the ranks of those who have made exceptional Bluegrass recordings. Although many great voices lead the pack of these classic   songs, it is Chad's playing and arrangements which provide the heart  and  soul of the project and strings them all together."