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Branding and Social Marketing

Find Your Audience


Sure, your music charting is important, but wouldn't it be better to have people be aware of who you are first?

Good Planning


Releasing a project involves a strategy and creative thinking. It takes time to create your brand, Valerie treats each artist as a unique release. 

Tell Your Story


Valerie believes every artist has a great, interesting story that needs to be shared. Content and marketing go hand in hand. As in content, we are talking about videos , social media, articles, and press releases.

Social Media Platform


Radio and Getting the Word out!


Buckle Down/Bell Buckle Records Announcements

We get the word out there to the people that want to know and need to know. We are also will to work with your fans to make sure that they are also receiving the latest information about your music.


Sending the Message to Radio

Valerie has worked in radio for 18 years and has the ability to get the word out about your CD to Bluegrass Today, Roots, Canada, Europe and Americana Radio.


Americana Music and Bluegrass Music

Bell Buckle Records specializes in the field of Americana and Bluegrass music. Valerie also has a love for folk music and has an ability to market the brand to the right audience through video and social media.


Website design and marketing

Buckle Down Productions

Valerie can build your website and store to match your branding.

She uses everything that has been created throughout the building process

of your band's music and name to represent your product. 

Valerie offers to maintain your website or teach you how to update it yourself. Empowering artists is what she does best.

She builds a variety of websites from musicians, cafes, banquet halls, and boutiques.

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