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Buckle Down Productions was created from a small independent label, Bell Buckle Records, which began 18 years ago in the historic town of Bell Buckle, TN by Valerie Smith and J. Gregory Heinike (owner of the famous Bell Buckle Cafe). They began the label so they could record artists who would frequently perform at the cafe and they called the series, “Live at the Bel Buckle Cafe.”

As the demand grew for record labels to produce independent artists, Bell Buckle Records soon joined the ranks of other popular Independent labels. Its roster grew every year and it continued to release recordings by various artists in the folk and roots markets.

It became a big part of the label when the demand for branding, marketing, social media, web building and video production grew stronger as modern technology expanded in the entertainment field.

Buckle Down Productions also has extensive up-to date mailing lists for Roots, Bluegrass and Americana Radio. We are able to set upAirplay Direct, CD Baby, and Bluegrass Today accounts. There is never a guarantee that we can chart your song, but we will do our very best!

Valerie Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Buckle Down Productions, offers a creative branding and marketing plan to artists which showcases their music and helps them to find their audience. The most important aspect of music promotion is finding the right listeners in the right places - in other words, making the right fit between the artist and the audience.

Creativity is Our World and We Love to Live in It!


 Creativity is our main focus. No two artists are the same, no two marketing plans should be the same. Each artist is treated as the uniquely special and important person or group that they are. The Bell Buckle label is all about being independent and unique. Valerie thrives on independence and by taking chances.  This drives her approaches to presentations and her ability to capture the attention of listeners.

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Valerie Smith works in two offices, one being the main office at the Bell Buckle Banquet Hall; the other is a quant private office located at the poet laureate, Maggie Vaughn's workshop (just down the street from the coffee shop)! Music production and the record label are active from both places and many people come to visit Valerie, if anything, to eat at the famous "Bell Buckle Cafe."

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Enjoy music that is powered by Bell Buckle Records that features over 15 radio shows from around the country 24/7

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Our label is over 20 years old and has released independent artists such as, Becky Buller, Valerie Smith, Bill & Laurie Sky, Emily Singleton and more!

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Bell Buckle has been creating videos and telling stories for artists for a long time. We feature artists on Youtube, Vimeo and more!